CoGo – Connecting Good
CoGo is a business based in New Zealand that offers a digital platform which connects consumers with retailers who want to positively impact the world, making it easy and rewarding to be a “conscious” consumer and at the same time, providing those businesses with valuable insights and marketing services. The impact of the platform is in changing business practices and shift consumer spending to “better” businesses.

Forestreet is an independent advisory firm, powered by a proprietary analytics platform that maps and indexes emerging technology markets and vendors. Forestreet’s approach provides unmatched insight for executives and transformation teams who need to choose the technologies that will transform their organisations now and in the coming years.
Their unique analytics is supported by a senior consulting team with board level technology and transformation credentials.

We have invested in a company that is a digital platform that works as a search engine and exchange for personal and professional soft skills learning, development and measurement. The platform is powered by crowd-sourced answers that enable and reward personal and professional development using a proprietary technology that identifies the Values Qualities and Attributes (VQA’s) that are the foundation for all skills – both hard and soft. The platform has the information, tools, and resources to identify, improve and apply to almost every soft skill.

We have invested in a company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports software products as a service focused on talent management that consolidates all the employee’s data from internal and external platforms in order to best allocate each employee to specific tasks and/or roles. The platform uses proprietary technology to select in an unbiased way the best employee for a task within the organisation. It is a talent management solution to find, engage and manage all the talent available to the companies.